Trends Web Design Ideas

All major trade & specialty magazines have built a web presence online. Many still release print editions but the Internet is a much cheaper medium to publish content.

The future of online blogging seems to be moving towards a magazine trend. But what does this mean? How do you differentiate between a blog and an online magazine?

In this post I’ll cover some basic design trends that have seeped into the blogging world and radically changed how we view online publications.

Ironically there aren’t many differences between a blog and an online magazine. The biggest factors are public opinion and the website’s overall design.


Featured Stories Widgets

Every magazine homepage should have some type of featured posts widget. This is the best way to set your blog apart from the rest and give it a professional look.

Each featured widget should include thumbnail images for the posts organized in a grid or carousel. This could be a large rotating carousel or a fixed grid with varying thumbnail sizes.

There are no wrong answers and the more creative you get the more unique your design will look.

The top-most article is meant to draw the most attention. It has the largest featured image and spans the whole page width. Three smaller articles are situated underneath with smaller square thumbnails.

Each variation follows a different grid and they all deviate from the normal page flow. This is a tame example but it’s a good one to demonstrate how featured stories can be organized.

Looking into the design space you’ll find Hongkiat which does brand itself as a blog. However the site uses a featured story widget to craft a magazine look on the homepage.

The widget spans the entirety of the screen and it uses a variety of post thumbnail sizes. Again we can see one super large story meant to draw the most amount of attention.

Then as you move from left to right you’ll find smaller and smaller thumbnail widgets. It’s also fully responsive so even mobile users can access this cool featured posts widget.

These designs are meant to showcase popular stories and to help garner attention to the most important posts.

Some featured story widgets use carousels to move between different stories. This is a decent strategy but not great.